Drag News Magazine Issue One

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The first issue of Drag News Magazine is now ready to view.

Drag News Magazine is a new initiative from the team at dragnews.com.au to provide an e-magazine for the sport of drag racing in Australia. This first issue is what we are calling a ‘pilot issue’, basically so we can test the response of the Australian drag racing community and see if we could make something that you would like to read – pretty simple really!

This first issue features Australian Nationals event coverage including a bunch of sidebars getting the stories from behind the scenes, an interview with Richard Crampton, Renee Cockerill’s first time funny car experience and lots, lots more. As this pilot issue has been in development for the last three months the content is a little longer in the tooth than we would have liked and this is something our future issues will rectify.

The second issue will be due out in December and will be available for $3.90. It will use a slightly different viewing software that incorporates automated payment so that as soon as you put in your details you will have access. 

So without further ado, here is issue number one! We recommend that once you have opened the publication that you click the arrows to make it full screen.



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