Dubbo drag strip almost a reality

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After 15 long years the Dubbo City Council has finally sold the land required to build a dragstrip in rural Western NSW to the Dubbo City Car Club.

Dubbo’s Deputy Mayor Ben Shields spoke on Dubbo local radio this morning announcing the sale of the land required to build the dragstrip to Dubbo City Car Club.

“This has been going on for at least 15 years, so far,” said Shields. “We just recently voted to sell the land to the Dubbo City Car Club – for a dragstrip.”

Shields brushed past the reasons for the delay when asked, but sprouted the economic benefits it will bring to the community.

“A million and one plus reasons, but bureaucracy is the main reason. Reality is this is going to be so good for Dubbo – its a real economic driver for Dubbo.”

NSW has been crying out for a dedicated regional track and while there are a number in the pipeline, it looks like a venue at Dubbo will be the first to materialise.





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