Durack ready to take on the twins

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Nitro Harleys are the dominant force in in the ANDRA Drag Racing Series Top Fuel Motorcycle bracket with the majority of competitors Australia wide riding the American chopper.

There will be no shortage of Nitro Harleys at Perth Motorplex for the Washpod Nitro Max event on February 28 to March 2 but as usual, Wellard resident Greg Durack will take on the powerful hogs on his Kawasaki ZX12R Turbo.

Durack qualified fourth at the Motorplex in the opening round of 2015 but faced a frustrating tyre smoking elimination in round one to Mark Ashelford who he concedes has the edge over him currently.

But when asked if he views himself at a disadvantage riding a turbo, Durack answers with an emphatic no.

“I don’t think it is a disadvantage,” he said. “I don’t make the power of the nitro bikes, but I am a bit lighter than them so it compensates a bit. Plus running alcohol is a bit more forgiving, so on the whole a bit more consistent and reliable.

“We all have to get the clutch tune right, I guess the nitro bikes have that instant power at the hit, whereas I have to work on getting the boost right for the launch and then feed more boost in over the first 100 feet.

“My 60 foot times are in the low to mid teens so on a par with most of the guys out there but still an area I need to fine tune and hopefully get down.”

Durack likes the feel of his Kawasaki though he admits he’d like to take a four-cylinder nitro bike for a skid one day.

“I tried sitting on Gordon Crawford’s bike once, but I couldn’t actually physically sit down into it, I would need to take up yoga and that is not going to happen. I wouldn’t mind taking an inline four-cylinder nitro bike for a couple of laps though!

“I will stick to turbo bikes I think, something I understand, plus I am still running conservative boost at the moment. I can still put another 10 to 15 psi in it yet, so might give that a bit of a tweak at the Nitro Max, hopefully it will all hold together!”

Competitors won’t get too many opportunities to experiment with two ANDRA Drag Racing Series championship rounds in two days using the three round format. That means teams must get it right in their one shot qualifier then win and win well to qualify for the A Final as one of the two quickest elimination winners.

“I quite like that format,” adds Durack. “You have to get on your game really early, and of course riding these things after a few weeks off just adds to the challenge.

“Hopefully there is a non compulsory qualifier first so we can have that shakedown pass.”

The ANDRA Drag Racing Series at Washpod Nitro Max will serve as Round 2 and 3 of the Australian Top Fuel Motorcycle Championship and the opening two rounds of the Australian Top Fuel Championship February 28 – March 2 at Perth Motorplex.


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