Electrimotion safety shut off system to be tested in Australia

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Noonan Race Engineering has received Australia’s first Electrimotion shut down system, to be tested at Willowbank Raceway.

Built by Dave Leahy in Ohio, USA, the system deploys parachutes and shuts down engines if not already done so by the driver.

The devices are not yet mandatory, but ANDRA is believed to be heading in this direction.

There has been heightened concern in the Top Alcohol community following Shane Weston’s crash at Perth Motorplex. It is believed Shane was knocked out by the concussion of a backfire blowing out the burst panels which left him unable to deploy the chutes after a pass. Steve Reed made a post on Facebook indicating he believes such a system would have helped his wife Debbie with her race career-ending accident as well.

Willowbank Raceway has granted approval to install and utilise the device and NRE has invited racers who already have the receivers installed to utilise the system.


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