EVENT COVERAGE – Calder Park Street Outlaws and testing

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While the rest of the country stopped to watch a horse race, Calder Park was holding their Street Outlaws final – a series that went on hiatus during the venue’s shut down.

Unfortunately only a handful of Street Outlaw competitors ended up competing on the day which required racers to prove their road-worthiness by congregating and a local meeting point and driving their racing machines to Calder Park. 


Quentin Feast who had just wrapped up Street Machine’s Drag Week event a week earlier was a clear favourite and posted a quick 8.13 in testing during the day with his turbo Torana sleeper.


The main combatant to Feast was Ali Sead’s Torana that cracked a wicked wheelstand, unfortunately when the two faced off a christmas tree malfunction forced a re-run that Sead was not able to make leaving Feast the Street Outlaws Modified winner.

526 -1

Richard Dedood won the true Street Outlaws category in his Monaro over George Haddad’s GT Falcon.


The day was also utilised for testing by a number of other racers, including Jason Keily’s sweet Supercharged Outlaws hot rod.


Great to see Julian Carafa back on track after a accident earlier in the year at Adelaide.

Calder Park Manager Peter Pisalidis promised Street Outlaws will be back soon with a new series and a few new tweaks to encourage more competitors.

Check out the day’s action with photos courtesy of http://www.Ozwild.com – seek them out for more photos.


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