EVENT COVERAGE – Rain halts 400 Thunder Nitro Slam qualifying

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The Home Group WA Nitro Slam produced some early 400 Thunder action before rain brought an early end to the night’s proceedings.

After a earlier rain break, the wet stuff again began to fall during the second qualifying session of Pro Slammer this time forcing qualifying to resume Saturday morning.

Racing will start again tomorrow at the earlier time of 11am (WST), with a session of Pro Slammer qualifying at 11.30am.


Before the rain came down, fans were treated to some awesome passes. John Zappia led the way in Pro Slammer with a 5.82 pass, though many teams were able to step up into the fives, particularly during a quick second session. The bad news for those teams, including Daniel Gregorini and Peter Kapiris who both ran 5.8s, was that those runs will be thrown out ahead of a re-run of the session on Saturday morning. Two qualifying sessions will take place for Pro Slammer during the day.


Mark Drew was the quickest of the Top Bikes on the property after their two sessions, recording a 6.97. Greg Durack followed with a close 7.01 while Wayne McGuinness was positive after a 7.36 pass. The Top Bikes will get one more qualifying session on Saturday.


Adding to the nitro flavour of the Home Group WA Nitro Slam was the Nitro Funny Cars of Mark Sheehan and Anthony Begley. Sheehan scorched to a 5.07, though with some flames underneath the car instead of just out of the header pipes, the team would no doubt have some work ahead of them.


Four Outlaw Nitro Funny Cars took on the track also with Matt Abel the quickest of the bunch in Rory Taylor’s Nitro Thunder – a 6.07 flashing up on the scoreboards for the nitro-methane fuelled machine.

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