‘Event licence’ trial announced by ANDRA

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The Australian National Drag Racing Association (ANDRA) is pleased to announce the trial of an ‘event licence’.

The trial follows the consideration of feedback to the ANDRA board from a number of clubs and venues; and will allow racers to compete at events at ANDRA member venues without having to hold a full ANDRA licence.

Event licences will cost $50.00 and racers must be a full ANDRA member and hold a current ANDRA (or equivalent) medical clearance (other sanctioning body medicals will be accepted by ANDRA) to be eligible. Vehicles will require an ANDRA log book and tech inspection to be raced under an event licence. The event licence can you used in place of an unlimited group 2 or 3 licence or a Group 1 licence.

“The feedback which has been submitted to us by clubs, venues and racers has been carefully considered and it is our hope that this trial will help to reduce a barrier to racers looking to compete at ANDRA member tracks,” ANDRA General Manager, Brett Stevens, said.

“As we are releasing this as a trial we will be welcoming feedback throughout the process.”

There will be no limit as to how many event licenses a competitor may use. Applications must be made through the ANDRA office at least seven days prior to an event, to allow enough time to ensure all medicals and provisions on the licence are in order. Prior to applying please check with the venue you are racing at to see if they have applied for that particular event.

For venues, there will be a limit of two events per calendar year at which event licences can be offered, and this proposal to offer will need to be made as part of the venue’s permit application to ANDRA at least 14 days prior to the events in question. Venues will be able to apply to ANDRA for a possible extension if they wish to hold more than two events a year at which event licences are offered.

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