Excitement building for The Bend

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In early 2023 we will see Australia’s newest drag strip come to fruition at The Bend Motorsport Park in Tailem Bend, South Australia, and the anticipation is building quickly, not only for South Australian’s who have been without professional level drag racing for a number years, but the boost it will give drag racing in Australia as a whole.

“At this point of time, we are hoping, and the plan is we will be up and racing in early 2023,” said Vlad Ostashkevic, the Marketing and Sponsorship Manager of the dragstrip at The Bend.

You can listen below to what else Ostashkevic had to say about plans for The Bend in his interview with Drag News Magazine associate Donato Zotti, along with comments from excited local racers Bob and Lisa Sherry, and motorsports commentator Matt Naulty.

The recent Supercar event also gave everyone a taste of what is yet to come, with a drag racing display and exhibition passes on the main straight over the weekend organised by the South Australian Drag Racers Association and ANDRA.

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