Extreme Ride of a Lifetime is back

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The Extreme Ride of a Lifetime is back & here to stay for the year. As a once off promotion to raise money for childrens heart research, we are offering 3 rides up for bid on Ebay.


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This ride of a lifetime not only comes with the high G acceleration of a 7 second pass, but a 3 day pass to the Nitro champs & knowing you have helped the little kiddies with heart problems.

Along with all of this you will be taken down to the start line & get to stand between 2 Top Fuelers with a total of more than 10000HP, & experience the roar & shear power of TOP FUEL.

We can guarantee you will not only be helping out those in need but you will be having an experience that will stay in you mind for a long time.

Even though it will only be 7 seconds, the experience will be something that burns very deep in your mind, & that is due to the adrenaline rush you will receive.

You will start off being strapped into the car,

Your heart rate will rise,

The car will be towed out to the start line & you will feel your heart beating,

We will go through the tunnel & then it becomes real when you see the track from seat height,

We start the car & your ears bang with the noise & again your heart rate rises,

The burnt out begins & you feel & hear the engine rev to over 8000 rpm,

The car fills with smoke from the burn out & your sitting there wondering what will happen next,

Our crew open the doors & remove the smoke & we make sure you are in tight & ready to go.

Your heart rate jumps to another level as the car moves forward into stage,

Your heart rate jumps again as you see the first stage light, then again when the second light comes on,

Bam you see the first amber light & you get tingles down your spline,

You sit waiting for the green, & your heart rate rises again,

But bam were out of there right on time with more than 1.5 G’s of acceleration,

Your punched back into the seat as you accelerate down the track with your head pinned back also,

Its all happening so fast, you see the gear changes & experience the roar of 1550hp as it propels us down the track,

The parachute comes out & you are thrust forward into your belts & we pull up with approx negative 2 G’s

Your heart rate is still high as we round the bend & slow down & then you get to expel all that held in air & swear your head off (like the rest).

I hope this gives you an incite to this passenger ride program & makes you even more convinced it is something that you will never forget.

Here is a link to the last passenger ride program & you will see how much fun they all had & some good reading about our car & business.









If you have any inquiries please feel free to call Tristan 0408 612 027 or Jason 0414 741 351

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