Family affair for the Adamos clan

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Drag racing is a real family affair in more than one Adamos household as the passion and enthusiasm is passed from generation to generation, from the now closed Ravenswood International Raceway to the world class Perth Motorplex.

This weekend at the 43rd Westernationals cousins Alesha and Michelle will square off in the Modified ranks while Alesha’s brother Laurence races Super Sedan.

Michelle Adamos says it’s a family sport and always has been for the their family.

“Personally for us (Michelle’s team) it’s my dad, mum, Nicole (sister) and Bianca (cousin) that crew for me,” she said.

“On the day we all have set jobs and work as a team. I record the data and look at the weather conditions to try and predict what the car will run in the next pass with some help from Motorsport Database by Marriott Racing. Dad does this too and we discuss our thoughts before dialling in; consistency is the name of the game in Group 3 racing!”

Cousin Alesha said she couldn’t remember a time when the family had only one race car.

“You need more than one in case one loses early,” she laughed.

Alesha’s brother and two time Westernationals winner Laurence Adamos agreed thanking his parents for their efforts in bringing the family together through the sport.

“It’s really cool to have had all the family involved over the years,” he said. “We as a family have been racing since Ravenswood days and every season of the Motorplex. It takes a big effort from my Mum and Dad to let us be involved for all these years from such a young age.”

Both Michelle and Alesha are expecting a tight Modified field this weekend comprising 23 competitors including three from NSW and one all the way from Queensland.

“The Westerns is my favourite event of the year and we love to have the interstate teams at our track,” Alesha said.

“The WA modified field is always competitive so the east coast competitors only add a few more butterflies than usual for me.”

“It’s an opportunity for Perth to show off some of the best racing in the West,” explained Michelle.

“It’s a great event packed with some big names. The westerns have a good vibe, the pits are packed, the racing is consistent and it’s busy with spectators coming to visit your tent to say hello. It’s exciting as we are all in the game for that beautiful gold Christmas tree.”

Laurence echoed the Westerns being the highlight of the calendar for West Aussie racers as he faces a tough prospect with no less than 41 competitors in Super Sedan, including Australian number one Johnny Kapiris, competing through six rounds of cut throat eliminations.

“(It) definitely looks tough but they (Super Sedan and Modified) are both very hard brackets. Teams are getting better and better and you’re going to need to be on top of your game this weekend to take it out.”

“It is definitely important to us. If you can’t win the championship you want the Westerns. I have won twice and I hope to add another gold Christmas tree to the collection!”

“I would really love an anniversary gold Christmas tree,” added Alesha. “(Just) so Laurence and Sam stop teasing me at the dinner table!”

There‘s nothing like a bit of sibling rivalry.


Image of Michelle Adamos courtesy Gardner Bros.
Image of Alesha, Laurence and Pop Adamos supplied.






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