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After spending many years on the other side of the racetrack and behind a keyboard, this drag racing tragic and curious reporter decided to experience what he now can describe as the greatest adrenalin rush on planet earth, a pass down a dragstrip in one of Fastrack’s modified dragsters.

Fastrack’s drag racing experience gives a non racer, or a racer that just wants to go faster, a unique opportunity to ride in a specially designed passenger dragster. We are fortunate to have this experience on our doorstep, as there are only two or three other places on earth where you can experience this thrill. Sydney Dragway and Willowbank Raceway are two places where you will find this awesome thrill ride.

Turning up at Sydney Dragway on a glorious Spring morning set the scene for something very special. After suiting up, given a safety brief and having photos with the dragster the group of around 15-20 were ready to take on the experience.

The crew at Fastrack were extremely professional ensuring everyone’s safely was put first. We were organised into groups that would see us take a skid in one of the two 850 BHP three seat dragsters that were present.

My group had the experience of seasoned Top Fuel pilot Mark Mariani to guide our missile down the track and return us all safely to where we commence our experience.

Having not ever experienced the thrill of such a high horsepower vehicle catapulting down the track at full throttle was sure to leave an impression on my mind that I would never forget. Race suit and helmet on, I was strapped into a cockpit equipped with wheel, gauges and pedals. The fit was pretty good for me as I could see well and everything felt comfortable.

Going through the burnout process was fun, maybe only having someone like Victor Bray behind the wheel might have made this part better.:-)

As we staged it was apparent that neither my fellow passenger nor I had had any idea of what we were about to experience. What happened next would have to be one of the most awesome, action packed 6 seconds that I have ever experienced.

The first two seconds were a blur, literally. I think my eyeballs were left on the start line and eventually caught back up with my skull about 200m down the track. From there the G-Forces seemed to lessen and the pure sensation of speed and adrenalin kicked in. My sight had returned somewhat to normal when the track appeared narrow as we exceeded 200 km/h in less than 6 seconds. Hoicking through the 1/8th it was time to prepare for our excursion into the braking area.

A squirt of the throttle took us to the end of the track a couple more squirts and we were back where we started. Do you think you could get me out of the dragster?  I’m hooked. Let’s go another pass!

I would seriously recommend this experience to anyone with a passion for speed and adrenalin. I can tell you it will make getting on a fast roller coaster seem like child’s play after experiencing this ride.

For more information and to book a ride on Fastrack Dragracing Experience please visit their website

Well here I am back at the keyboard with a big bit of envy for all you racers who get to do this all the time. Now the only question is can Drag News afford to sponsor a racecar, so I can drive?


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