Father and daughter make supercharged comeback

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One of Western Australia’s most well-loved drag racing families will return to Perth Motorplex on Saturday, with Clive Hudson and daughter Kristie set to do battle in the Supercharged Outlaws division.

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Clive will be driving his fan-favourite Chevy C10 truck, while Kristie will take to the track in her Ford Falcon XM. The pair have both raced at different stages of the last two decades, but it will be the first time they have matched up in the same category of racing.

“To race against my daughter is the pinnacle of my racing – win, lose or whatever,” Clive said. “It’s going to be fantastic and I can’t wait.”

Family and health issues have held back the pair’s racing in recent years, with Kristie falling pregnant as Clive battled some medical problems.

“Two years ago I decided to have a go at racing again, and as I was loading the trailer in preparation I stepped on a dodgy milk crate and fell out of my transporter, which destroyed my left shoulder,” he said. “It needed an operation and then a long recovery.”

Both drivers expect to be a little rusty upon their return, with Kristie admitting she feels like she is a rookie again. Her last pass in the car was in 2013.

“The Ford has been sitting for seven years almost race ready, it just needed a new fire system and updated safety gear,” she said. “Don’t expect anything spectacular from me, this will be like starting all over. Racing each other is a total bucket list opportunity.”

Sentimental goals aside, both Clive and Kristie have personal best performances in mind.

“Dad just discovered that I wasn’t getting full throttle the whole time I was in the seat of the Falcon before, which was why it would only run 8.02sec.,” Kristie said. “I would love to get my first 7sec. time card.”

Clive has his eyes on the 200mph (321kmh) barrier, a tough target given his truck’s notoriously bad aerodynamics, while keeping up his reputation for giant pre-race burnouts.

“We found a few small engine issues and we are ready to hot the bugger up and see if we can do 200mph,” he said. “I’ve been told the truck will never crack 200mph, but watch this space.

“Kristie’s car has the exact same fuel system and tune-up. Both engines are similar so we are going to step them up and have a ball. It’s not about winning or losing, it’s all about the burnout and having fun with my family.”

The Hudson family will be racing as part of the Outlaw Nitro Challenge event this Saturday. Sportsman qualifying begins from 11am with the feature program commencing at 5.30pm.

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