Final round appearance and new PBs for Tremaynes

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Queensland’s Tremayne family enjoyed a productive event at the fourth round of the Queensland Drag Racing Championship at Willowbank Raceway last weekend.

With a late start to the day due to bad fog and a wet track, qualifying was reduced to two rounds. There on the day was Aaron Tremayne testing the family’s Chev Pro Stock, with Rolinia Tremayne entered in Super Comp where she qualified mid-field.

Rolinia advanced through to the finals courtesy of a holeshot against Mike Inwood in round one, followed by a red light from the tough Tony Bellert in round two, which led to a solo in the semi finals. Rolinia would then face Jai Schluter in the final round.

After identical reaction times the race was on but then things got wild. Father in law Kerry Tremayne described the pass.

“Rolinia left with a good 60 foot time but when the car hit second gear it went sideways, heading straight for the concrete barrier and up on one wheel – not a place you want to be in a dragster,” he said. “She reacted quickly, steering the car and hitting the brakes to right the car, missing the wall by millimetres.”

Rolinia said she quickly realised her predicament as the tyres spun.

“I was looking straight at the concrete barrier and I knew I was in big trouble but luckily what I did saved my car,” she explained. “I am happy with a runner-up and congrats to Jai (on the win).”

Aaron’s passes were fortunately more of the straight line variety and he was able to card a new personal best of 6.88 seconds at 198.79mph. It was confirmed that the problem from the Winternationals was a bad set of spark plugs.

“Talk about finding the gremlin,” Kerry said. “Aaron did three passes. The first he aborted as he knew the car was about to go into severe tire shake. The second pass proved more productive with a 6.94 run. Final run and the whole team was ecstatic with a 6.88.

“Thanks from Rolinia, Aaron and I to Mega Racing, Speedflow, Tremaniac Racing, Nexgen Engineering, 6boost and Aqualine Pool Services and her crew for all their help.”

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