Firefighter’s firey weekend

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Allan Dobson might make a career out of being a fire fighter, but he was the one starting the blazes over the weekend at Perth Motorplex with the Rapisarda Racing team having a series of dramas producing spectacular results.

“We were trying to bust some records and do some hero runs, but for some reason we started to break ring lands either in the burnout or on the step of the throttle,” Dobson said.

That resulted in a domino effect in the motor and some very hot moments in qualifying. A later fire was caused by a fuel line bursting right on the start line.

“The team all feel responsible because we should have realised the fuel line was heat affected after the first fire,” Dobson said.

“Now it’s time to change strategy, tone it down a little bit and get back to our baseline, to make sure we get ourselves through some rounds.”

The next round of the championship, at Willowbank Raceway in Queensland, features the Louie Rapisarda Top Fuel Trophy memorial. Santo Rapisarda and the whole Rapisarda Racing have kept racing in memory of Louie since he passed away in a racing accident in 1990 and Dobson said he feels that passion flow through.

“If he was alive he would be in my seat and I feel like I am there for him, so I am going to follow his passion,” he said. “I really want to deliver it for them. I’m going to be on my front foot.”

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