Firmin getting new motivation

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Karl Firmin has some plans to move his Holden Commodore Super Sedan along faster this season with the offer of a new motor.

Chris Dicker has had a motor on the build for several years but no car to test it in. When Firmin took the motor of out of his Commodore for end of season maintenance, Dicker offered the new motivation to go under the bonnet.

“Karl and myself have known each other for many years, I don’t have a car to put the engine in so I suggested we put it in his Super Sedan to see how it goes,” he said.

The 434 cubic inch V8 runs alloy cylinder heads and uses C16 racing fuel to produce 725 horsepower, more than a V8 Supercar.

Although the motor is the same size as the one coming out of Firmin’s race car, its modifications mean it provides an increase in power that should see the car run 8.7sec. times, almost a half a second step up.

“The main difference in the motors is the extra compression of mine, which can use a bigger 1050 Dominator carburettor,” Dicker said.

“Shane at Moteck Racing is taking care of the chassis tuning so we can really get to see the true potential of the motor.”

Dicker does have an ulterior motive in the kind gesture, wanting to sell the motor on after its potential is seen.

“Hopefully Karl likes it that much that he forgets about the other engine and buys mine,” Dicker said.

“It’s a good avenue for someone to see just how well it can go.”

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