First Drag Challenge Weekend set to hit Queensland

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After four successful events held at a variety of tracks in New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia, Street Machine’s Drag Challenge concept is coming to Queensland for the first time on April 13, 14 and 15.

Modelled off Hot Rod’s long-running Drag Week event in the US, Drag Challenge is all about putting your road-registered ride to the test under both race and road conditions.

To successfully complete the inaugural Drag Challenge Weekend, entrants must race three times in three days and drive from drag strip to drag strip under the vehicle’s own steam. No support vehicles or car trailers can be used at any time during the event.

While Drag Challenge is very competitive, the mateship and camaraderie are the things that keep racers coming back year after year!

Drag Challenge Weekend starts at Willowbank Raceway, 13 April. After scrutineering, entrants have six hours to make their passes. They will then drive via a scenic route (strictly obeying all road rules) to Warwick Dragway. Saturday will see another six hours of passes over the Warwick eighth-mile. The convoy will then head back to Willowbank – again by a circuitous route – for the final day’s racing on Sunday.

Entrants can compete in either a heads-up bracket or Dial Your Own. The heads-up racing is divided into four classes: Outlaw Blown and Aspirated for cars running slicks or radial tyres larger than 275, and Radial Blown and Aspirated for cars running 275-or-smaller radials. Racers in the heads-up classes hand in their best timecard from each day’s racing. These are added together at the end of the event and the racer with the smallest number is the winner!

For Dial Your Own racers, your quickest and slowest times from the three tracks will be used to calculate your spread, and this will determine your finishing result. We will be measuring the spread down to as many decimal places as necessary to determine a result.

Entrants can make as many passes in the time allowed as they like, but they must provide one timecard to the nominated Drag Challenge official before each day’s cut-off time. We reserve the right to limit passes if weather or other factors come into play and we need to get other cars down the track. At Warwick, eighth-mile times are multiplied by 1.555 to create a quarter-mile time.

Spectators are welcome, with entry $20 at each track, with kids 13 and under free.

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