First hit out for new Outlaw Nitro Funny Cars

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Wednesday at Sydney Dragway saw the first test laps for the Fuchs Flyer and Russler Outlaw Nitro Funny Cars in preparation for the weekends Nitro extravaganza.


Aaron Hambridge driving the Fuchs Flyer earlier licensed in the “Bandit” Mustang before attempting several shots in the former NHRA Championship winning car now adorned with Fuchs colours, (no panic needed the In and Out Burger colours are still intact safely under the new wrap).


Every attempt though ended in tyre shake or smoke early on.


“The Russler” also turned its first wheel in anger on Australian soil, Aaron Russell made a adventurous first half track pass, but maintenance in the pits found a bench push rod. After repairs the team took another shot at licensing but smoked the tyres on the hit of throttle and another bent push rod was the result after the tear down, though this time causing more collateral damage to componentry.


The team decided not to attempt any further runs until they can resolved the push rod issue and will hope to successfully license before the main show kicks off Saturday night.


Check out video from the test session.



Meanwhile Ron Capps has been doing the tourist thing, taking in the sites and the wildlife.

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He also got comfortable in the Nitro Sheriff wheelstander!




Whats this?!…do we have a late ring in for the event?…testing brought about a disastrous first run, wheel standing and barrel rolling before the tree, after dialing out some power from the launch mini Neff clocked the 1/8th in 10 seconds at 50MPH!





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