First Sport Compact in the fives

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Overnight the Bahrain based EKanoo Racing team has smashed the fabled five second zone with their six cylinder 2JZ powered Supra driven by American Gary White.

 It has been trench warfare in the Sport Compact or Import scene around the globe as combantants continued to one up each other with World Record breaking performances in recent years. Australia’s Joe Signorelli fired the first real shot with a 6.26 at the Jamboree in 2012 before the rise of the EKanoo team who set the record in 2013 with a 6.23, New Zealand’s Rod Harvey was determined to not let EKanoo have it all their own way claiming the title of World’s Quickest Import at the 2014 Jamboree with a 6.12, this however lasted less that a week before EKanoo blew everyone away with a 6.05 and that five second carrot quickly became within reach.

Over recent weeks the EKanoo team have been hitting the Bahrain blacktop backed by world class tuners like Motec guru Shane Tecklenberg, Eric Luzinski and Josh Ledford, coming tantalising close to the history setting mark, including a pair of 6.003 runs last week. Officially the Supra runs in Outlaw trim, has a billet 2JZ and is most likley running an obscene amount of boost, never the less overnight in Bahrain Gary White smashed out a 5.97 at 240mph, and rule sets aside you have to respect what has been just achieved.

A five second pass from just six cylinders, it was once just a realm for the V8, but the imports are coming with Rotary and four cylinder powered cars less than two tenths from the same mark. The drag racing performace landscape is rapidly changing with astonishing advancements in technology and engine development, and maybe the rest of the drag racing world needs to take notice in it’s effort to reinvigerate the sport once again.



Image and video source Ekanoo Racing Facebook page



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