Five reasons why you need to tell people about Sydney Dragway’s FREE drag race

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Sydney Dragway is taking a big leap and making spectator entry to the opening round of the Atura Blacktown Championship Series free this Saturday.

From 8.30am to 8.30pm, New South Wales’ best drag racers will be tearing up the track and turning on a show.

We think this is something that needs to be seen and that all of the drag racing community needs to get behind this event. So we’ve made this list of reasons on why you need to go to the track tomorrow as well as telling as many people about this event as possible!


1. Because you’ve always complained about entry costs.

Spectator entry fees are forever the scapegoat for why people don’t come to the track. Critics frequently claim that if tracks halved entry prices they would get three times as many spectators. Well now is the opportunity to test that to an even greater extent – how many people will come when you offer it for free? If you have ever bagged out spectator entry prices then you need to be telling as many people about this event as possible to prove that the cost does make a difference. If the cost is free and minimal people show up, it only adds to the argument of venues that the price does not make a difference.


2. Because you can bring as many friends and family as you want to show them the sport you love.

We all want our friends and family to love drag racing as much as we do. Now it is your chance to drag them all along (pun intended) and show them what it is all about. If you are racing you can have all your relatives come along and see you in action at last, or get your friend who has always ummed and ahhed about going to get off his/her couch and actually do it. Who knows, you might actually hook them on this sport and have them excited about coming to another event like the Nitro Champs in May.


3. Because you don’t have to be there all day to justify it.

Sometimes to get value out of a ticket you can feel like you need to stay at the track all day. When the ticket is free, it gives you a chance to come and enjoy the atmosphere for a few hours and then go on and enjoy the rest of your weekend. If you are anywhere close to Sydney Dragway you should be at the track tomorrow to enjoy some racing and support the community, even if it is just for a couple of hours.


4. Because the track is trying something new.

Drag racing has been notoriously slow on finding new ways to get spectators through the gates. Well here is a venue taking a leap of faith and trying something different. They should be rewarded for that with lots of people in attendance that will help build the sport. We are always very quick to criticise when ideas fail, but ideas are something that need to be nurtured and praised.


5. Because as racers and fans it is our job to help grow the sport as well.

It is all too easy to sit back and let everyone else do the job of promoting drag racing. If there was ever a golden opportunity to promote the sport and actually get new bums in seats this is it. You need to be telling EVERYBODY about this event, through your Facebook, through your work, through your kids’ school – get the word out any way you can. If this event is a success with a couple of thousand new people coming to check out the sport then we will all be winners for the future with stronger racer numbers and more spectators.


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