Ford Lightning is tonnes of fun for Lippi

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Drag racing typically favours small cars with smooth aerodynamic profiles and light weight, but WA Super Sedan racer Jason Lippi has gone in the opposite direction, all in the name of fun.

Lippi will be racing the biggest vehicle at Perth Motorplex on Saturday, a Ford Lightning equipped with a 1300 horsepower, supercharged 5.8 litre Ford Mustang motor.

Lippi brought the unique truck out at the end of last season to do some testing, but is intending on running a full season at Perth Motorplex, beginning with the WA Drag Racing Championships.

“I’ve got another Lightning, a street licenced one, that I started beating up on at the track, but I didn’t like beating up on a good car,” he said. “I went to the USA to find another street one and turn into a race car. I sent it to a chassis shop to cut it up, tube it out, put in four link suspension and fibreglass the front end.

“Simon from Extreme Ford Tuning and I put an engine combo together. It’s supercharged, all under bonnet, with a Whipple four litre blower.”

Lippi has run as quick as 8.6 in the truck, and is hoping a few weight reductions during the off season will see it edge further into the eights.

“I never built the car to be the most aerodynamic car on the track, else I would have done a sedan,” he said. “I love the trucks, I love Fords. I just wanted something different and I wanted it to go fast.

“There are no other Lightnings in Australia that are set up for drag racing. Whether it is Chev or Ford fans they want to see the truck, and find out how it does an 8.60 pass.”

With well over 100 sportsman teams taking part in the WA Drag Racing Championships, there is plenty of opportunity for fans to get into the pits and see more unique vehicles like Lippi’s.

And when it comes to the qualifying order for Super Sedan, expect this truck to be up there despite its bulk!
“Hopefully after a couple of qualifying rounds this weekend should have it settled to where we want it and we will have a good year,” he said.

The WA Drag Racing Championships begin from sportsman qualifying 11.30am this Saturday with the main program kicking off from 5.30pm.

– Perth Motorplex Media Release.

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