Formula Tech X Factor Funny Car breaks cover

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A new Supercharged Outlaws Funny Car has debuted in Western Australia with Simon ‘Gonzo’ Travaglini making first runs in the Formula Tech Performance X Factor Toyota Celica.

Car owner Brett Stewart said a lot of hours had gone into the car to get it ready.

“My guys have made me proud by getting it all together in such a short period of time,” he said.

“Unfortunately my knee surgery has meant that I wouldn’t be able to drive until next season and that just wasn’t an option.

“After all the hard work the team has put in and the support of my loyal sponsors Interquip and SP Tools I just couldn’t stand to let the car sit in the shed gathering dust. I approached Gonzo about steering the Formula Tech Performance X Factor Funny Car until my knee is well enough to drive and he graciously accepted.”

The X Factor Funny Car will join the Formula Tech Performance stable including Brett’s Supercharged Outlaws VF Commodore.

“Most of our race cars showcase performance modifications that we offer to our customers, the SP Tools/Interquip Supercharged Outlaws VF Commodore ute and the X Factor Funny Car are my personal toys; you know the old saying, once you go blown you never go back,” Stewart said.

“Although these cars aren’t street cars, they were built and are maintained by the same people that perform the performance upgrades to our customers cars; it just showcases the calibre of Formula Tech Performance and what these guys are capable of when you let them off the leash.

“I’d like to thank Justin from Interquip and Kevin and Tom from SP Tools for privileging me with the opportunity to represent their companies, I’m excited about the new car.

“We’re going to run it in Supercharged Outlaws but who knows where it will take us in the future.” Stewart explained that on doctor’s advice he had to take a break from the seat.

“I’ve had to work hard to grow Formula Tech into the business that it is today, but that hard work had taken a toll on my body and I’ve promised my doctor that I’m going to lay off the leg which means no more racing till next season,” he said. “That won’t stop me from being out on the start line when my cars are running, I’m just as excited about being able to watch them as I was about driving them.” Travaglini said he was proud to represent the team’s sponsors.

“I really want to put on a good show and do them proud,” he said. “This is a dream come true for me, anyone that knows me will tell you that driving a Funny Car has been my lifelong ambition and to be able to do it for an organisation as big and professional as Formula Tech Performance is unbelievable. Brett has been a mate for a lot of years and I was blown away when he asked me if I’d like to drive for him, I literally had to pinch myself.”

Stewart said the car might not be in Supercharged Outlaws forever.

“At this stage it’s an Outlaws car, we might set the car up for BB/FC at a later stage but who knows, the prospect of pumping some nitro into her has crossed my mind,” he said.


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