Full Throttle Friday Feats – 18th Feb

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Last Friday saw another Full Throttle Friday event at Sydney Dragway, here is what went down.

Two Full Throttle Friday’s in a row unaffected by the Sydney summer weather must be a record as these events have had a disastrous run in that regard. The humidity was oppressive but the wet stuff stayed away and a good roll up on around 75 racers took to the track.


Debuting his new Pro Stock Mustang was Jason Grima complete with new transporter, look for a complete new look soon as the team has signed a major sponsor.

Grima ran a couple of mid 7.2 second passes in the humidity, running in the rebuilt motor which was damaged critically in November at Calder Park.

Garry Watterson is the new owner of the ex Tinney Pro Stocker which was run by Craig Geddes also in Super Stock, Watterson is running the car in B/G and only made the one familiarisation pass.

Daniel Schultz went 7.61 in B/AA trim before he packs his bags and heads off to crew for the Rapisarda team in the NHRA

In a battle of the CC/AA’s on the night, Craig Allison went 7.62

Before Lyle Gilmore ran 7.26. Here Gilmore’s first run ended in the burnout when the blower belt departed on the hit.

Supercharged Outlaw come AA/Altered of Luke Shepherd made a couple laps for a 7.04 best.

There were a number of the Supercharged Outlaw brigade on deck, Norm McCormack struggled with traction in his FED.

Strobe flash lights up Tim McCarthy in his attempt to finally sort out the Pontiac, but only managed a 8.27

No such problems for Geoff Gradden, a 6.43 personal best now means he has to slow the Saratoga down if we wishes to remain in the class.

The night was one to forget for several Outlaws racers,

Starting off with Alf Sciacca, who had the Lamborghini out of the groove spinning the tyres sending him in to the left wall before careering across into the right wall and back into the left wall. Sciacca was unhurt, though the Lambo was pretty beat up.

The readout boards suggests there may have been other forces at work!

Steven Greentree was back after a complete engine rebuild, but after running a soft 7.95 drama ensues in the braking area with the hearse running off the road making the final bend going through the safety barriers and into the embankment. The front clip was destroyed along with some heavy front end damage, but the hearse will be back with a new front clip already sourced.

Andrew Musgrave was the quickest of the Modified guys running a 7.62 in the altered.

After mechanical problems in the pits took up most of the night for the Allwright Racing team, Brett White did get a late 7.86 best pass in.

Bob Sinclair has supped up his six banger FED as it leaves the startline with the wheels well in the air.

A 8.53 best for Jenny Petrie’s altered falls a bit short of the performance the team are looking to achieve.

The variety of sedans and engine combination’s were vast as usual.

Here we have a Buick V6 in a Sigma!

Greg Tsakiridis has a 331ci Windsor on the gas in a RX4 and cranked out a 8.88

Elham El Ahamed launched his WRX hard as the driveline went bang ending his night at 60ft.

Martin Mohan also decimated a driveline trying for 9’s in his turbo wagon.

Darryl Stephen was the quickest unblown sedan of the night with a 8.19, despite trying to knock this photographer off his perch in the burnout.

Justin Roylance’s Falcon ute looked like a locomotive at times with 30ft nitrous purges

Spying Mark Hayes on the start line with the team would mean the nitrous guru had a hand in the teams 9.71 PB.

Bobby Mihaljevic’s Torana was also sucking on the bottle launching the Torana hard for 9.39 best.

Jamie Nicholson hasn’t been out for a little while in one very tidy Torana.

Frank Katsonis torques his colourful Cortina off the line for a 9.84

Kenny Josevski 400ci SBC LC is another car that we haven’t seen for a while that the Full Throttle Friday’s has drawn out of shed.

Sport Compact fans were again well catered for, Craig Wasson’s aspirated RX3 was in high flying form and running a world class 9.45.

Scotty Cousins had the 2JZ leaving like a bullet but couldn’t keep the power down for the full 1320ft

Fred Karam was running two cars on the night, his potent RB powered Mazda hatch and his venerable VL Commodore which clocked a 8.52.

Jason Both was back behind the wheel of a rotary after a recent stint his Probe in Supercharged Outlaws, a 8.29 from the RX3 wasn’t to shabby.

Nick Tsoltoudis aka Superman is a hired gun for this 13B Escort out of the Mazsport camp.

The RX3 racecar production line is still churning out new rides, here Raymond Chakti who recently debuted a tidy 10 second streeter, now has one serious race bred RX3 dipping into the 9’s in early sorting.

Jason Merhes debuted his RX3, but had trouble with the car bogging down after a launch.

And here we have George Rehayem’s little side project, George recently completed this RX3 coupe , filled it up on E85, drove to the track, ran 9.76 in complete street trim and drove it back out the gate.

Domenico Luci was back shredding the rears in his mint Camaro.

Constanzo Fidanza wasn’t shy either in the burnout.

Carl Taylor looked to be taking some weight saving measures and ran 11.52 in the big Chev.

Phil Retford’s neat ’33 Ford clocked a 11.88 best.

On the other end of the auto evolutionary scale is Samir Malass’ BMW, the twin turbo Beemer ran a 13.32 best.

Jarred Boskovich is the latest member of the renowned racing family to have a go at their HAMBster.

Brian Vernon rides the wheelie bar on his Triumph.

Likewise Gary Miller whom was making one of his random appearances at Sydney Dragway.

Modified Bike newcomer Rod Barchet cooks the slick of his Destroyer.

Emma Hazzard was stylin in her new JD, one of 10 juniors getting some laps in on the night.

Photos by Cacklingpipes.com (Grant Stephens, Paul Drady & Hayley Turns)

Check out the video highlights courtesy of Madman Productions

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