Full Throttle Friday feats – 4th Feb

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The first Full Throttle Friday of 2011 at Sydney Dragway fired into life last Friday in what quite frankly was oppressive heat and humidity.

Despite the conditions from the week long heatwave Sydney was experiencing around 60 vehicles fronted for some testing.

There were no Group One racers in attendance but plenty of Sydney’s finest sportsman rides.

Joe Signorelli was the quickest of the night with a 6.72 @ 211

Doing it for the Nostalgia and Outlaws fans, George Zammit clocked a 7.24 on his first round before a errant second pass cleaned up the reflectors.

Finally debuting his ex Hambridge Top Alcohol dragster in Supercharged Outlaws trim was Brian Bennett, those unfamiliar with Bennett’s previous exploits, he use to run a 7 second nitrous VL Walkinshaw in Super Sedan before it was sadly stolen. Tonight Bennett only produced and burnout and launch.

7.73 @ 172MPH was the best for Daniel Schultz in the B/AA altered.

Brendon Luke and Andrew Musgrave doing side by side 7’s in their altereds.

Greg Fowler was behind the butterflies in the new Hartill-Law big block roadster, Margaret recently tested the car at a private session, but tonight Fowler was putting it through its paces with a 8.82 @ 151.

A sight that stirs the nostalgic juices, Brenton Holmes bolted a blower to the side of his 6 cylinder FED and uncoiled some great wheelstands and a 8.41 @ 155 MPH.

Plenty of sport compact action as usual, Adam Nuner launches to a 8.78 @ 152MPH

A new look courtesy of some paint for Adam Smolders’ Capri which dipped into the 8’s

Anthony Maatouk has screwed in the power off the line, but did not make a full pass.

Bob Golic’s pro charged Torrie went 8.59 @ 157

Darren Hobson continues to irin out the kinks in the Beetle.

Pro Street racer David Murphy had the nitrous Capri out for a skid after recent private testing and recorded a  8.25 @ 167

The variety of cars continued with Elham El-Ahmed’s all wheel drive WRX which went a classy 8.81 @ 155.

Front wheel drive madness with Luki Soldatic’s 9 second CRX, 9.58 at a huge 158MPH

Flash in the night illuminates Dominic Ursino’s low 9 second Mazda 1300

Blower and big skids from Mohomed Razzaks VK had the V8 fans catered for as well.

Going the turbo route, Peter Cleary’s big block HG has been overcoming traction issues to run a 8.66 @ 169

Traction problems plagued Phillip Azzopardi’s nitrous Torana last time out as well, but a 8.54 @ 158 indicates he may have hit the setup.

A seemingly endless precession of new RX3’s continued with Raymond Chakti debut in his tidy number.

If the nights assortment  of cars was not diverse enough, Shane Hobson showed up in a supercharged VW Manx Meyers Buggy.

Dom Luci had his gorgeous Camaro back out

The Holden racing boys from Orange made the trek, Patrick McMullen went 11.0 in the EH Ute while Richard Bopping hiked the panel van to a 10.79

Craig Dixon torques up the HQ

Leornard Azzopardi left the fuel bike at home in favour for the Hayabusa and a ripped a 7.73 @ 187 MPH

Matt Gildon also had his bucking turbo ‘busa out.

After 8 month lay off Russ Thomas though it was time to bring his nitrous assisted Ninja out for for some high 8 second laps 

Adam Saunders licensed in the Joe Princi JD, for those curious about the antenna, no its not remote contol, but a remote shut off system, Princi uses for young licensee’s.

James Hazzard gazes at what awaits him on theblack top.

Next Full Throttle Friday ay Sydney Dragway is on Feb 18th

Photos by CacklingPipes.com (Grant Stephens & Anthony Speciale)

Video highlights from the night courtesy of Madman Productions.


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