GALLERY: Grudge Kings 2K19 Testing

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 Weather forced the postponement of Grudge Kings 2K19 until July 20, but a few breaks in the weather allowed some important testing to take place across the weekend.

The decision was made Thursday after the first of two pre-event test days was rained out, with forecast not looking like improving event promoter Po Tung shifted the event to July 20th.

The move was justified with Friday testing washed away and both Saturday and scheduled rain day Sunday were heavily effected by over night rains – the below shot was the track at 11am Sunday morning.

Tung copped significant heat from the social media warriors for making the correct early call, but no doubt the same people would be the ones complaining had he attempted to run the event only have it rained out, in saying it should of been cancelled. It’s a tough life being an event promoter.

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Sunny afternoon breaks allowed track staff to get the track prepared to at least slot in some testing for a few hours with the pits still filled with cars and American tuning guns like Josh Ledford and Steve Petty (pictured below) on the clock.

GKTesting060719 104

The track proved tricky early on Saturday, but by Sunday times were tumbling. Most teams stuck to the half track distance in which Grudge Kings is contested over, but full pulls began to happen as testing continued on, and we listed a few highlights below.

GKTesting060719 111

GKTesting060719 142

Russell Taylor on the back of his 6.18 from his mad blow Torana, had a real wild ride on the Sunday when he went close to the centre line.

GKTesting060719 010

Back in black, Paul Mouhayet went 5.63 to be the quickest over the weekend.

GKTesting060719 045

Jeremy ‘Jet’ Martin is the defending Grudge Kings $50K winner and brought the Commodore back out from hibernation for a chance to go back to back. Unfortunately with the birth of his child due in the next couple of week, he will not be able to return for the rescheduled date.

GKTesting060719 054

Another Jeremy is certainly looking like a favourite in Jeremy Callaghan with a 6.14 PB over the quarter.

GKTesting060719 092

Wild ride of testing goes to Olympian Steven Barnett, chasing the Australian 13B ET record, and was close with a 6.61. Barnett escaped this tank-slapper with nothing more than the tiniest scuff mark, and this was the only paint marked all testing thankfully.

GKTesting060719 062

The GAS Racing Mustang made its first appearance in a couple of years and went into the 5.80s with Zoran Gajic and Paul Mouhayet sharing the steering.

GKTesting060719 133

Steve Bezzina smashed out a 6.72 at 208mph on leaf springs and 275 radials – insane!

Grudge Kings 2K19 tries again on July 20th, where there will be two $50k races to be won.

Check out our gallery of all the action by Cackling Pipes, Joe Maday and John Bosher.

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