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It is a new year for the Queensland Drag Racing Championship at Willowbank Raceway, but not a new season for the series. With the exception of Junior Dragster, the decision was made for the QDRC to continue of from last year after many of the rounds were lost to weather.

On to the results from a very hot Queensland day, and in Top Sportsman, contenders Dave Gauldie and Daniel Morris fought out the final with Morris trumping on the back of a quick .009 light from the Pontiac driver.

Likewise in Modified a big holeshot to the altered of championship leader Lucas Holz caught Andrew Pinkstone napping on the tree, and a 9.32 on a 9.29 capped the final off at the line for the win. Tim Barron made his claim for the championship lead in Super Sedan, taking the W in the final against Michael Adams. Barron’s Beretta went .007 on the tree to the Mustang of Adams before crossing the stripe with a 9.28 on a 9.25.

Steven Day and Johnny Lewis are going after Tammy Goldthorpe’s Modified Bike championship lead. The pair met in the final with Lewis taking the win. Cooper Leahy made his move in the Super Street championship points with a victory against Angela Holz in the final.

Junior Dragster started afresh with racers growing out of Junior Dragster, they could not continue on with their QDRC Championship, and James Lowday was awarded the 2022 Track Championship in the class. So it was Rustie Willshire taking home the first QDRC winner’s trophy for Junior Dragster in the New Year over Alex Kidd. Both racers were eager to get on with the race, with a double red light start, Kidd losing out by punching the loud pedal to quickly first.

The next round of the QDRC is on the 20th May.

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