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About 30 racers took part in a pre-Westernationals test and tune at Perth Motorplex on Wednesday, February 28.

While many of the Pro Slammers were waiting for a private night test the following day, there were still plenty of high horsepower vehicles on track.

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Mark Sheehan was back out in his nitro FED. Struggles with the reverser meant the crew was kept busy all day. The dragster dropped cylinders early on most of its runs, before going into tyre shake.

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Frank Taylor carded a 6.12 in Andrew Minogue’s Outlaw Nitro Funny Car, shutting off early as he got close to the wall near the finish line.

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Mark Chapman munched up a tailshaft in his Pro Slammer Plymouth Fury, causing a fair bit of damage in the rear end and spiking the motor to 10,500RPM. The team are not sure if they will be ready for the weekend.

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Wayne McGuinness had his first ride on the ex-Damian Muscat nitro Harley but it did not end well when a tyre smoking final run saw the engine kick a rod out.

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Marty Dack got out of the hole well in his Ford Mustang Pro Slammer but the car went silent shortly after, maybe a blower belt going by the pieces left on the track afterwards.

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Ryan Learmonth had a new motor in his Pro Stock Motorcycle and ran a 7.48 on his second lap in the heat of the day.

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Darryl Mullins was a new face in this Supercharged Outlaws Funny Car. The car seemed to respond positively when Mullins stood on the loud pedal 

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Jayde Robinson also made her debut in Modified, getting down track with a 9.7 second run by the end of the day.

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Melissa Le-Cocq took over the seat of the family’s Modified dragster from son Damion and made a few launches.

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Jon Ferguson has a rebuilt rear end in his Supercharged Outlaws Chev but the car is behaving nicely.

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Gordon Crawford has bought Mick Day’s eight second Modified Bike and made a familiarisation run during the day.

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