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The Pro Auto Service Hi Tech Extreme drag racing event will be held this Saturday at Perth Motorplex with some of Perth’s quickest road cars taking the opportunity to show their performance in a safe and legal environment.

Beechboro’s Simon Gemser will be among them, racing a turbocharged Nissan 180SX producing over 500 rear wheel horsepower that was built in Japan.

“The high tech street car scene in Perth is really good, there are a lot of powerful cars and when they all come out in the one place it is pretty awesome,” he said.

The 32 year old application developer also races a Nissan Silvia in Stone Racing Transmission Super Sedan at Perth Motorplex national events, but for the Pro Auto Service Hi Tech Extreme event he is taking the opportunity to race his new beast.

“A new car is always a bit of an unknown, the trick is to get the clutch just right on the launch and to make some good, clean shifts,” he said.

Perth Motorplex is regularly open to anyone to take their street car for a run down the drag strip, be it a grocery getter or a V8-powered monster.

Fun and safety are the main aims at Formula Tech Dymo Centre Whoop Ass Wednesday events held every week, where up to 180 people from all around Perth turn up to give drag racing a try.

Gemser himself started by competing at the Formula Tech Whoop Ass Wednesdays and is now hooked on the sport.

“No matter what car you are racing in it is a thrill; drag racing is a sport I’d recommend to anyone,” he said.

The Pro Auto Service Hi Tech Extreme event will be held in a twilight format, starting from 2pm with eliminations racing from 6pm.

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