Geoff Chaisty: Pick an apple and polish the hell out of it

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The name Chaisty is well known around the West. In fact, Chaisty is a name synonymous with Super Stock racing around the country.

Geoff Chaisty is a former Australian Super Stock champion, multiple record holder and father of Jake and Jamie of Chaisty Motorsport.

Running the only H/MSA in Australia, both Jake and Jamie are licensed with the plan to alternate season by season giving both drivers time to get settled in the car. All three contributed to the engine build and between meetings Geoff and his sons work on maintenance or upgrades.

“At the track Jamie is solely responsible for data which these days is so important; this fits in well with his studies at ECU University (Bachelor of Technology of Motorsport), while everyone pitches in with between round maintenance,” says Chaisty senior.

“For us it’s all about having something we can enjoy together as a family. For me as a father what better way to get to spend time with your sons than enjoying what you enjoy yourself?”

The Westernationals are high on the agenda every year for Chaisty Motorsport and the triple threat team of Geoff, Jake and Jamie are pumped to run in a pure Super Stock field.

“The Westerns sure are a big deal for every West Aussie racer. Not only being traditionally the biggest event of the year that always has a level of atmosphere making it feel very special. But also for us as a team being Super Stock diehards it’s our only chance locally each season to race in a Super Stock only field which is great.”

The Chaisty team are coming off an impressive win in a tough field at the previous Aeroflow Sportsman Drag Racing Championship round at Perth Motorplex having set a personal best 9.462 at 141.50 mph in qualifying and becoming the first team to win with a H/MSA in Australia.

“After having such a great event at the last WA Aeroflow event we would sure like to do well at the Westerns but we won’t be taking anything for granted as past form really never counts for anything and each race meeting always brings new challenges. But hopefully if we can run at our best we should be in the mix.”

“Even though the Super Stock field this year looks like it will be short on numbers everyone will be hard to beat if they are on their game, so they can all present a challenge.”

Chaisty has always lived and breathed Super Stock since the first time he went to the track in 1977. He began racing in 1985 and would eventually enter the bracket in 1997 with great success.

Even though the bracket is exclusively populated by sedans, he is attracted by the diversity of vehicles from heavy street vehicles with limited engine and chassis mods, such as their current car, to lightweight purpose built full chassis race cars utilising almost an unlimited number of engine mods with many options in between.

“It’s not about being an adrenalin junkie and just wanting to go as fast as you possibly can, if that was that was the case we would all end up in a Top Fuel car.”

“Group Two and Super Stock is about picking an apple you like and polishing the hell out of it. Each class has its pros and cons, its own set of challenges and a different approach is often required to make each class of car perform at their best.”

“They are all great. To me no one class within Super Stock carries higher status even though performances vary greatly it’s all about making what you have to work with perform at its best level.”

The 43rd Westernationals will be run and won at Perth Motorplex February 28 – March 2, 2014.





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