Gina Bullians dominates Jamboree Brisbane as the only female entered in Factory Xtreme

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As the only female racer entered in Factory Xtreme, Gina Bullians is looking to dominate in her 20B Mazda RX8 at the 2019 Garrett Advanced Motion Brisbane Jamboree.

Factory Xtreme cars are full-bodied purpose-built, pro stock styled, turbocharged, rear-wheel drive race cars with very few restrictions. It is one of the most exciting categories in drag racing both in terms of drag racing technology and horsepower.

Gina Bullians has been racing since the age of 21, and over the past 19 years she has also participated in circuit racing and drifting but drag racing is the motorsport she continues to be the undisputed Factory Xtreme Queen.

“I have raced an array of cars over the years, but when I moved to Australia in 2011 (from New Zealand), that was when I jumped into my first purpose built drag car,” Bullians said. 

“I ran this car in the Pro Turbo class, becoming the first female to compete in this class and I also gained the Australian import record for first ¾ chassis to run over 200mph & was the quickest ¾ chassis with a 6.87 ET, a record I held until recently.”

Bullians is currently the quickest female import drag racer in the world, a title she plans to defend at this year’s Brisbane Jamboree and proof that men and women can compete on equal terms in motorsport.

Racing since 2012 at Jamboree, Bullians will be competing for the third time in her 20B Rotary powered RX8 in Factory Xtreme at the 2019 Jamboree in Brisbane.

“Brisbane Jamboree is going to be a big one for us. We have made several upgrades to the car and are very excited to see the improvements,” she said.

“Our aim is to better our time, dropping into the 6.3 zone and run over 220mph.”

Bullians and her partner, Bill Nabhan will both be racing at Jamboree, adding additional challenges in driving duties and servicing the cars between runs for both.

Bullians is the shop manager for Mazsport, and as well as managing all day to day duties for the business she assists with maintaining and servicing the race cars between events. When she is not racing, Bullians crews for other race teams, tracks data, packs parachutes, and is never far away from the action.

Join us at the 2019 Brisbane Jamboree to witness the only female racer entered in Factory Xtreme and be a part of the action from August 24-25 as Bullians smashes her own records as the quickest female import drag racer.

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