Girls Torque launch anti-bullying campaign

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Featuring some of drag racing’s young female racers, Girls Torque have launched a program to help kids and adults to take-a-stand against bullying in today’s society.

The program to combat the rise in bullying, enlists the help of some inspirational racer girls, Girls Torque (Australian Womens Motorsport Network) and Kidzucate have created a collectible series of playing cards (, each with an empowering message against bullying. Girls Torque hope that armed with knowledge and awareness, more kids can take appropriate action to break the chain of bullying and other forms of abuse and neglect.


Did you know that 1 in 6 kids are bullied … which can then lead to them skipping school, suffering depression & anxiety, displaying anti-social & criminal behaviour, and even considering suicide?


The aim is to get a set of motivational playing cards out to every grade 5 class in Australia, because Grade 5 are the worst offenders.

You can help Girls Torque with donations or buying a set of anti-bulying playing cards or Girls Torque collectable swap cards, both featuring many of women drag racers among other from a variety of motorsport. 

Please click on this link to donate or purchase the cards –

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