Gold plated drag car getting go to add to show

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Mouhamed Ibrahim’s gold-plated, rotary-powered BMW has certainly prioritised show over go in recent years but that is set to change with the blinging Beemer recently heading into the Pac Performance workshop for a massive increase in power.

Pac are going to mirror the set up from their world record holding Mazda6 SP in the BMW, which should put it well into the mid sixes if not quicker.

Pac Performance said Ibrahim wants to run the BMW side-by-side and neck and neck with George Rehayem in the Mazda6 SP – “We’re going to give him the power to do it, then it will just come down to the man himself behind the wheel.”

The quad rotor package formerly in the BMW made over 1600 horsepower, but it is hoped the new set up will be into the 2000 horsepower zone.

The BMW has now been through several incarnations, with the gold version reportedly costing some $200,000 to plate up and earning the nickname of the “Million Dollar Drag Car”

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