Grandma gone wild: The ‘Nitro Nan’ unveiled

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Western Australia’s Tracey De Jager is no stranger to high speed on the drag strip, having wheeled the ‘Nitrous Nanna’ supercharged Thunderbird for a number of years, but her next step will take her into the wild world of Outlaw Nitro Funny Cars.

De Jager purchased the ex-Russell Mills Crown Victoria recently from Sydney and the team are readying the car for its conversion to a nitro powerplant to take part in Outlaw Funny Car Racing.

With the ‘Nitrous Nanna’ name having stuck since her days in Super Sedan, an appropriate name change is coming with the Funny Car to be known as ‘Nitro Nan’.


The skylines featuring on the car are of De Jager’s hometown Perth.


De Jager will be the second woman in the category, following Emma Begley in Groove’n. A grandmother she might be, but De Jager lives life to the fullest and we are sure that driving a 3500 horsepower Outlaw Nitro Funny Car will be the maximum extension of that philosophy!


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