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A stalwart for the roots-style supercharger, Daniel Gregorini has made the switch to the screws with a PSI now on his Camaro Top Doorslammer.

With the racing goal posts being moved locally, Australia’s first five second roots-driven Top Doorslammer team had to make the change in their best interest.


“We first built the car to run AA/AP in Group 2, the roots combination was more compatible for that class, but every time the Top Doorslammer came to town we would give it a shot, and try throw a spanner in the works for the big guys to get our name out there,” said Gregorini.


“That worked, so we started to travel more, but now that Perth Motorplex has changed our local Top Comp series from National Records to Track Records the roots combo is no longer beneficial, so we decided PSI is the next step.”


The changeover was a snap but future plans will need corporate support if the team is to attempt a serious challenge on the Top Doorslammer circuit.


“The roots deal was sold back to the States as its all legal pro mod gear, and we bought a PSI locally in Perth. On a Wednesday night we sold the roots and by Friday lunch time I had a PSI in my garage, it was meant to be!” said Gregorini.


“Our plan is to run TD in local competition with possibly some travelling. We need a corporate sponsor to come on board for us to go full time with the travel, but as a team we are happy with what we are doing at the moment.”

Everything learned from the roots setup for tune ups will virtually all have to be scraped, and the team will need to restart their knowledge base from the beginning again.


“Our setup no longer means a thing, we have gone with all new gear along with the engine combination and have also added a lock up clutch to it,” said Gregorini.


“We are basically starting from scratch again, but with Jim Salemi from G Force Race Cars and Jon Salemi from Resolution Racing Services on our side we are confident we can get it right and start being more competitive in Group One.”


“The roots deal saw us be the first into the five second zone in Top Doorslammer at the Nitro Champs in 2012 with a 5.95 at 244MPH, we believe it had 80’s in it but without running the full Doorslammer combination with a lock up clutch etc we were limited.”


The unofficial word that Top Doorslammer will be moving to a 16 car field in the future has given the class a boost.


“16 car fields will be the next step along with different formats at different meets, this is a huge positive for drag racing, more will be revealed shortly!” exclaimed Gregorini.


“We are hoping to test in September in Perth, if not then, we will be at the double test day in October to prepare for the Perth season.”


Daniel Gregorini would like to say a huge thank you to his sponsors for allowing the team to do what they do, Scratch & Match Autocolour , Kerb Doctor, Kendall Oils, Westcoast Siteworks, Metalux Paints, Speed Torque, Maxus Constructions, Vinsan Demolition, DTM, Subiaco Print, G Force Race Cars , Resolution Racing Services, MSR Performance , Drag Tech Fabrications , Windrush Composites and a of course a big thanks to his crew.




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