Grudge Kings shake down

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The Grudge Kings racers had a chance to make their move on “The List” recently at Sydney Dragway, and we saw a new king crowned.

The Grudge Kings Shakedown event gave a chance for a racers to make a move on the list before next major Grudge Kings event on March 4th.

Reigning king or is that queen, Gina Bullians had a tempromental RX7 and tumbled down the list too number 4 by nights end.

“The RX7 just didn’t want to play nice, even the shifter button fell off on the second run so I couldn’t change gears. I’m pretty sure its overheard our future plans and wasn’t happy…oh well.” commented Bullians on Facebook.

Tomi “Childs Play” Raikko took the mantle and now is the one to beat with his six second twin turbo Torana (and Drag News Issue #22 cover car).

The complete list currently looks like this:

#1 Tomi “Childs play” Raikko
#2 Rob “The white one” Owen
#3 Frank “Mr Heli” Cannistra
#4 Gina “Killer B” Bullians
#5 Joe “Toranasaurus” Sobato
#6 Daniel “Pro100” Soldatic
#7 Grant “Captain cooked” Henderson
#8 Alex “Silver bullet” Cirtoski
#9 Rob “Toytoo” Godfrey
#10 Joe “Profab” Gauci
#11 Johnny “Blue brick” Habib
#12 Jim “Boldy” Bolovinos
#13 Matt “ Next level” McCarthy
#14 Shane “Bad13B” Bugeja
#15 Steve “Mustang” Athans
#16 John “Bumble bee” Beckingham
#17 Tony “The Frisbee” Grgich
#18/#19 Greg “Mauler” Tsakirdis Perry “Snickers”Bullivant
#20 Open

Video of the Grudge Kings action by Fast Performance Videos

Some more grudge racing from the night.

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