Hard luck for Hubbard

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It has been a rough time for owners of 1963 Corvette doorslammers of late, in testing on Saturday Sydney’s Darren Hubbard found how quickly a few thousand horsepower can bite you.

Hubbard has been coming to grips with the ex-Cutelli Top Doorslammer for a little while now with the machine de-tuned somewhat from its former five second potential – never the less it is still one potent ride.

Hubbard on his first pass of the day had the Corvette launch to the left, after buttoning off the noise, Hubbard gave the throttle another little stab. Now doorslammers need no reason at times to turn on dime, but unfortunately for Hubbard the car was just out of the groove and rattled the tyres even at the relatively low speed to what he would normally be travelling at that point.

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What happened next remonstrates the apparent ease your day can turn bad in a heartbeat. The Corvette turned hard right and bicycled uncontrollably into the right hand wall – there was nothing Hubbard could do and was a passenger from the moment it had turned. The impact was a heavy one still and Hubbard managed to get hard on the brakes and pull the car up before collecting the opposing wall before climbing out fortunately unharmed.

Hopefully the damage is not too extensive and we will see the team back in the near future.


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