Harrington unveils ‘Bad Influence II’ Monaro Pro Slammer

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A refreshed Pro Slammer is set to hit the track soon with Queensland’s Rob Harrington showing off his ‘Bad Influence II’ Holden Monaro for the first time.

The car is the ex-Wayne Keys Monaro, but it is fair to say it is almost unrecognisable now thanks to the dedication of Harrington and his team. They have completely rebuilt the car over the last couple of years.

“It’s been a mountain of work to get this far and I know there is a lot left to do but I cannot be happier how this car is turning out,” he said. “Sometimes we just have to sit back and reflect on what we’ve done, where we are and where we are headed. I’m one very lucky person with some great people around me. Thank you all for your help, input and guidance over the years. I cannot wait to be out there.”


The car’s name harks back to Harrington’s father Tony, who raced the ‘Bad Influence’ C10 truck, now owned by WA’s Clive Hudson. 

“Clive has graciously let me use the name out of respect for Dad. Thank you Clive it means a lot!” Rob said. “It is a tribute to my parents. I will never be able to repay them for all that they sacrificed and have done for me over my lifetime.

“This is not only my dream but also Dad’s. He came so close to securing a deal that was the biggest in the 90s but unfortunately it fell through. Since then he has tried to provide me with a life that allows me to chase my dreams. I’m blessed to be able to do this with him, along with all we have achieved together so far in racing. He has taught me so much not only about racing but life as well. 

“Mum is an absolute angel of a woman. She hates me driving fast race cars but supports me 100% in my endeavours. As long as ‘her baby boy is safe’ she is happy.”


There’s an extensive list of people who have helped out with the project along the way Harrington said.

“Thanks Blaze and Gav Hansen for the input and work upgrading the car as well as the use of your facilities during the rebuild process. You both helped me and taught me so much I truly appreciate all of your combined efforts. The car has turned out so well. They continue to aid in getting the car done as they have done with previous cars. Their meticulous nature shows in the products they turned out and I am blessed to have had them teach me their ways. 

“Peter Wells for teaching me all about body work/body repairs on fibreglass and carbon fibre. It was a huge job but he was very patient in teaching me and the car has come up amazingly well from where it started. 

“Caan Childs for taking me in, giving me an absolutely amazing opportunity to not only work on but drive his alcohol car and now we are endeavouring to join up for a two car team! Also Shane Seawright for all his assistance, help and pushing for me to drive.

“Kelly Bettes, thankyou for the design work it came out so well. I commissioned Lee from Crisp Signs to apply the artwork and the work he did was flawless.

“There are many people who have afforded me great opportunities to crew, travel and learn this sport. The likes of Collin Willshire/the whole Jett Racing team, Gary Phillips, Russell Mills, Malcom Mackay, Greg Leahy, the Marsh family and Darrell Smith who also entrusted me with his brand new Camaro. Each person has had a profound impact on me, taught me so many new things in racing and have all aided in getting me to where I am today.”


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