Harvey charged up and gunning for fives

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In exciting news for fans of RHR and for the crowds set to rock Jamboree Brisbane 2015, Rod and his team welcome their new sponsor, Yuasa. This chapter of racing with a fresh new look on Rod’s Celica is destined to be awesome, as Rod hunts down the elusive five-second pass that is just within his reach.

In his twenty years of drag racing competition, Factory Xtreme heavyweight Rod Harvey has ticked every sport compact box he’s ever aimed for, except one – a five-second pass. It’s this last achievement he’ll be looking to add to his incredible record of Jamboree success when he heads to Willowbank Raceway next Saturday with his new sponsor on board.

“Jamboree has always been a good event for us having won it and top qualified a few times. We broke the world record last year but until recently we’ve struggled to get back to that sort of number. Things got a lot better recently with some changes and upgrades we made to the car, especially in the rear end, helping us to go quicker than we ever had before and run a 6.067sec pass at 239mph. But there’s still that 5sec pass to get done.

Rod continues, “It’s such great timing in the lead-up to the Brisbane Jamboree to announce Yuasa as our brand new team sponsor. They’re the number one supplier of automotive, commercial, marine, deep-cycle and industrial batteries in the game and hopefully by the end of the Jamboree they’ll be the name behind the first five-second sport compact car in the southern hemisphere.

“It’s common knowledge that the team has been gunning for a pass in the fives for a while but as the engine made more horsepower it became increasingly difficult to put it to the track. Testing is a huge priority for us so we’ll be at the track three times in the lead-up to the event making sure we’ve got the setup just right so we can put on a great show on Saturday and show the Jamboree fans their first ever five.”

You can see Rod Harvey and the Yuasa Celica take on Sport Compact drag racing’s fastest racers at the 25th Brisbane Jamboree, August 29th 2015 at Willowbank Raceway. Don’t miss this one massive day and night of racing that is guaranteed to impress. Further details at www.jamboree.com.au



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