Harvey swings for the fences with new look

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Carrying a brand new Dodson Motorsport scheme on his Toyota Celica, New Zealand’s Rod Harvey hired out Willowbank Raceway recently for a night test session to take a crack at the five second pass his team has been chasing.

With international competition for the first 2JZ-powered five second pass heating up, Harvey knew he had to step things up. A massive storm halted proceedings on Harvey’s first intended day of testing but he was back again and managed a 6.189/237.92mph, a little bit off his PB of 6.12.

“After a rather trying night testing at Willowbank, (we were) not quite where we were aiming but can chill out over Christmas knowing we had a crack at it,” Harvey said.

Drag Photos was there to follow the team as they sought the magic combination of set up needed.


As with most Sport Compact cars, the laptop is just as important a tool as a spanner or screwdriver – if not more.


There’s likely somewhere in the vicinity of 2500 horsepower right here, all from a factory Toyota block.


Ben Bray was on hand to give Harvey some assistance.


Hey it might not have been a five, but at least you looked good doing it, Rod.


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