Haunold hypes up his Hayabusa

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Modified Bike competitor Matt Haunold is going to town on his Suzuki Hayabusa during the off season with a turbocharger and extended wheelbase to see him pick up some pace.

Haunold is hoping putting 15psi of boost into the motorcycle will see it make around 300 horsepower and push him to an eight second time slip at over 260kmh.

As well as the thrill of riding, Haunold will also have the satisfaction of knowing he has assembled it all himself.

“I built the turbo kit myself, made my own headers, exhaust, plenum and intake, I try and do as much work myself as I can,” he said.

“I’m just hoping it will stay in one piece and gets to the other end. I will be happy with low 9sec. times to start off with, once I get the clutch tuned up then we should start hitting the eights.”

Haunold said the Hayabusa has been built with winning races in mind as well as outright performance.

“I’m putting a package together to be consistent which is what what you need, we’ve got the top of the line boost controller and clutch for consistency,” he said.

He is hoping he can better his best season performances which saw him in the top ten for Modified Bike two seasons ago. 

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