Hewitt gases it to Pro Street Blown #1

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APSA has a new number one in Pro Street Blown after the 2010 Nitro Champs.

Craig Hewitt set the new mark at 7.44 seconds in his nitrous VL Commodore eclipsing the previous 7.50 number of Tristan “MINCER” Ockers.

Hewitt has recently stepped up his engine combination to 632ci Merlin 3 block, and a 2 stage nitrous kit.

“We started to tinker with the second kit at the test and tune,” he said

“After we lost at the Pro Street Shootout in Queensland we decided we now have to get the car running a bit quicker.

“We took some nitrous out off the first kit out and are slowly starting to bring some into the second as we learn our new tune.”

At the Nitro Champs, Hewitt was confident with the tune and set up and went about chasing the number one position for Pro Street Blown.

“We started on Friday in the first qualifier with a small carby problem and fixed that when we got back to the trailer. We left the tune we had in it for that pass and went back up for our second qualifier which put us at equal number one with “MINCER” on ET with a 7.50,” he said.

“Saturday we started to look for some more power, third qualifier and the car is still hooking right and we run a 7.70 pass. Back at the pits we decide to make a four link change for our first elimination round to stop the start line problem. Up we go for the first round and dial in a 7.45 and if we break out, then so what.

“We make it to the next round with a PB again at a 7.49 at 183m/h with the other guy breaking out and we are Pro Street Blown number one.  We find out we have the bye in the 2nd round so we go for it and run a 7.44 at 183.54m/h and we are ecstatic. We lose the next round with a 7.47 pass but who cares we did what we wanted”.

With the top spot now locked up Hewitt looks to the future for the car and APSA

“Hopefully we can get the car as quick as 7.3 or better,” he said

“I’m wrapped with the changing of hands with the APSA and things are moving along very swiftly, there are big things going to happen, I think and we are going to move forward a long way.

“I would like to give a big thanks to all my sponsors Pro-Trans, MDC Industrial Supplies, Steelforce , Sydney, Sefton Smash Repairs and Mother polishes and waxes. Also I couldn’t do these things at the track without the help from Mark Hayes, Dave Lennox, Steve Francis, Andrew Bonwick, Mick Darke and my wife, kids and extended family.






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