Hi-Tec Oils Return to Sydney Dragway

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In their ongoing efforts to support the Australian motorsport industry and improve safety within a sport they’ve been involved with for more than 25 years, comes the announcement today that Australia’s biggest independent oil manufacturer – Hi-Tec Oils – will return to Sydney Dragway to join the venues new management team in securing a stronger future for the popular western Sydney facility.
Starting immediately, Hi-Tec Oils will support a variety of initiatives, most notably the popular weekly ‘Race 4 Real’ events held at Sydney Dragway on Wednesday evenings. They will also be the host sponsor of the Hi-Tec Oils Burnout Pad and the Hi-Tec Oils Super Screen, and will support a number of initiatives to award various competitors on a weekly basis with prizes and products.

“We’re proud to have Hi-Tec Oils invest in the future of Sydney Dragway, and support our ongoing efforts to keep our community streets safe by encouraging young people to bring their vehicles to Sydney Dragway and compete in our weekly ‘Race 4 Real’ events,” Sydney Dragway Chairman Sam Sofi said.

“From a local perspective too, it’s nice to see another community conscious business looking beyond just branding – Hi-Tec have come to us with a commitment to support keeping kids off the streets, and we applaud that.

“This is another positive step in the right direction for Sydney Dragway, in both our ongoing efforts with weekly events such as ‘Hi-Tec Oils Race 4 Real’ and with our future plans for competition events such as the annual Nationals in September [9-11].”

As a self-confessed Drag Racing tragic, Hi-Tec Oils CEO George Gambino couldn’t disguise his pleasure in the announcement.

“I’m so pleased that we could work to a mutual arrangement with the new Sydney Dragway management team to see us return to a sport with which we were so heavily involved during the formative years of Hi-Tec Oils,” he said.

“I’ve spent many years out at the venue with competitors and clients – many of whom became close friends – so to return there after a number of years pursing the development of the Hi-Tec organisation, is a bit like coming home for me.

“We’re also excited about becoming more involved in the future of the sport and the ongoing efforts by Sydney Dragway to take drag racing off the streets, and improve the facility for spectators and competitors alike.

“This is my community, so there is more than just business involved in this decision. Hi-Tec Oils are blended just 15 minutes from Sydney Dragway, so I have a personal interest in the region, and in the young people of Sydney – many of whom are my customers, so our return to the venue was always just a matter of time.”

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