Hidden Valley gets largest display boards in Australia

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Being a major milestone in the history of Hidden Valley Drag Strip, the first of two 12m high structures that will house Hidden Valley’s new bright green LED display boards were installed today.

Designed to sustain the Top End’s high winds, as well providing visibility from all spectator areas, they will stand side by side against the Lane 1 barrier due to limited real estate available on the V8 Supercar side of the strip.

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“We have been lucky to be able to use roadside variable message display boards in the past from Top End Hire” said Vice President Jay Jukes.

“As Top End Hire refreshed their fleet of equipment we have been unable to get our previous aging timing system to work with the hire boards. This has meant our spectators have gone without key performance information for their favourite driver or team.”

“Permanent display boards that show a variety of information including driver reaction, elapsed time and speed will be a major improvement for drag racing fans in Darwin.”

Designed by the same company that delivered the boards installed at Willowbank Raceway in Queensland, each digit will measure in at a massive 1.5 metres, making them the largest drag racing specific boards in Australia.

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