Hidden Valley performs emergency track works

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Hidden Valley Drag Racing Association have announced that the Department of Infrastructure (DOI) have commenced the track rectification works on Hidden Valley Drag Strip.

The track had repair work undertaken in December 2015 to try and rectify the issue between where the concrete and the bitumen meet. Due to weather and other factors the issue with the track has worsened with time and made it impossible to race in 2016 without serious work.

“There was no way we could race safely in 2016 without undertaking these works, the issue would have sent a car into the air,” said the President of Hidden Valley Drag Racing, Scott Maclean.

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The track is receiving an additional 15m of concrete to both lanes.

These works are being under taken by the original contractors who did the concrete section so that quality is maintained.

The rectification works are on track and the track is due to be handed back to HVDRA on the 21st May.

“This is leaving us with a fine time line to get the track prepped in time for our first meeting on the 28th May, but we are confident we can achieve this with our track crew,” said Maclean.

HVDRA are grateful for the support of the NT Government, recognising the importance of drag racing in the Top End and making sure these works were a priority so our racers didn’t miss out on racing in 2016.

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