Hidden Valley ‘s new Gladiator ring is born

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After a long, hard review of all the entries in the Name that Pad Competition, the name of Hidden Valley’s brand new burnout arena was announced on Saturday night at the Annual General Meeting for Hidden Valley Drag Racing Association.

Darren Oke was the successful entrant who has won himself a 2011 Season Pass and a ride in one of the first burnout cars to take to the stage for his entry, The Colosseum.

“The Colosseum was home to a great number of gladiatorial contests and public spectacles. It took 8-10 years to build and was one of the greatest works of engineering and architecture in the Roman Empire” said HVDRA President Jay Jukes.

“We too plan to host a number of spectacular events over coming years and it is with great pleasure that we can announce that we will be opening The Colosseum each and every Beat the Heat Off Street event here at Hidden Valley.”

Director of Facilities for Sport and Recreation, Mr Greg Coleman welcomed the name, adding his own catch line; “The Colosseum – where only the toughest tyre rolls out alive!”
Construction continues on The Colosseum with the new concrete surface being poured this week.

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