The Saskatchewan slammer

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Mike Gondziola

The central Canadian province of Saskatchewan does not have a long list of participants when it comes to Pro Mod racing. But our friends at Drag Race Canada found one.

While Regina’s Vogt Brothers were the first from the Province to carve their names in the class and are undoubtably the most recognised, Saskatoon’s Mike Gondziola may be on pace to upset that notion.

MikeG2-206x300Mike is no stranger to Pro Mod cars. He paid his dues while working a number a seasons as a valued crew member to Glen Kerunsky – participating during Glen’s strong seasons running IHRA and NHRA. Before that he also raced his own Pro Mod car. That was a 1993 Corvette that had previously been campaigned by Roger Sanders and driven by Ronnie hood and which Mike raced only sporadically and locally in Western Canada.

All of that was a while ago and up to about 2005. Then after a hiatus, in 2011 things shifted again and evolved for the owner and operator of reputed Extreme Transmissions in Saskatoon.

“I had be out of racing for quite a while – but a bunch of Pro Mod cars came to my home track, Saskatchewan International Raceway,” Mike recalled. “I sat in a car again and sure enough I got the itch again. I thought to myself if I was going to do this again – I better get at it.”

Read more about Mike HERE. Thanks to our friends at Drag Race Canada.


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