Hogs Breath Cafe – John Sorensen Memorial

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It’s almost FRYday and the smell of burning rubber is going to be the cologne of choice when the gates open at Hidden Valley Drag Strip this Friday from 6pm.

Hogs Breath Cafe presents the John Sorensen Memorial in memory of Beat the Heat’s late crew chief.

“John was an active member of the Beat the Heat and HVDRA management committees for a number of years and his passion for providing enthusiasts a safe, legal place to explore their vehicles shone through his work on The Heat” said HVDRA President Jay Jukes.

“The same vehicle still runs today and you too can race The Heat this Friday night.”

A bevy of cash and prizes are up for grabs including $400 cash for the first perfect reaction, or you can simply have a run to see how quick your car really is.

Hogs Breath Cafe are proudly sponsoring the Mini Eliminator so you can get a taste of handicapped dial-in racing and win some great Hogs Breath prizes. It doesn’t matter how fast your vehicle is, it all comes down to drive consistency.

If straight line racing isn’t your thing the Colosseum is just sitting there waiting for you to punish those tyres in a smoke infested burnout from 9pm. You can even take passengers!

Get down to Hidden Valley Drag Strip this Friday night for the Hogs Breath Cafe John Sorensen Memorial.

Hogs Breath Cafe John Sorensen Memorial
Beat the Heat Off Street Series

Friday 15 July 2011
Gates open 6pm
Off Street Racing from 7pm
Burnouts at 9pm
Spectators $10
Competitors from $35


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