Jim Read Racing lands new chassis

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Jim Read Racing has landed a new ex-Kalitta chassis to ensure they remain at the front line of the Top Fuel war currently being waged.

ANDRA Pro Series Top Fuel has stepped up over the last few seasons with several teams prepared to do whatever it takes to win and the new chassis is part of the arms race for crew chief Bruce Read.


“The current car has over 300 runs on it and apart from being front halved by Terry Sainty at the beginning of last season it is showing signs of age and wear and tear,” he said.


“On my recent trip to the US, Jim Oberhoffer offered one of their cars as a replacement for our current car. The deal was done and was too good to pass up. He suggested running it there prior to shipping but financially and logistically it was too difficult to organise.”


Read said the Auto One team was unsure about what differences the new chassis would require to the tune up.


“Who knows really, I’m a little nervous about the dial in period, but it should just be a gentle transition over to new pipe as they call it,” he said.


“It’s the latest spec tubing, latest spec safety items, one piece body and just some subtle differences. Over all it’s simply a newer car.”




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