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At a recent private test day Pro FX front runner Joe Signorelli joined the Outlaw 10.5 movement.

Outlaw 10.5 goodness!While Ben Bray has been running the 10.5 setup in the Scion from the GAS Motorsport camp as it came imported from the U.S to great success, this is the first time the GAS Celica has been set up in that mode.

Signorelli laid down a 6.72 @ 204 MPH followed by 6.71 @ 207 MPH backing up the performances from the Scion.

The debate is raging over the future of Pro FX with many suggesting Outlaw 10.5 being the better route to follow as it can swallow up the current crop of Pro FX cars, with the addition of hi tech EFI turbo, nitrous and blown V8’s looking for a class to run in.

With the Titan Motorsports 2JZ Scion running 3.9 seconds over the 1/8th and winning ADRL Outlaw 10.5  national events Pro FX cars could be very successful in such a bracket.

As it stands now the Australian Pro Street Association and Sport Compact Group have already adopted an Outlaw 10.5 class.

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