Joint statement from DBC2 and ANDRA Pro Series

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Drag Racing Australia Group Limited (DRAG Ltd) and DBC2 have jointly announced that DBC2 will not be renewing its involvement with ANDRA Pro Series Drag Racing sponsorship and marketing due to a change in business direction.

According to DBC2’s managing director Dale Brittain it was a tough decision – “DBC2 has had an extremely rewarding time during the last three and half years with ANDRA Pro Series Drag Racing. During this time we have overseen the change in brand and the commercialisation of the top tier of Australian drag racing, which has seen seven-figure sponsorship revenue through securing a number of blue chip brands. We are very proud of the work we have done but we are going through some changes in business direction.”

DRAG Ltd is in the final stages of selecting the new appointment for the sponsorship marketing role and DBC2 remain dedicated to working on a smooth transition – “We have made a commitment to DRAG Ltd that we will work with the new appointee and the existing ANDRA Pro Series sponsors until the transition is complete. We believe that can be done by the end of June but we will stay on until all parties are comfortable,” Brittain added.

DRAG Ltd CEO, Paul Casos said – “We are very thankful of the work that Dale Brittain and his team at DBC2 have done for ANDRA Pro Series over the past three and half years. DBC2 and our team have now created strong foundations and clear direction for the ANDRA Pro Series Drag Racing.

“During the past three and a half years we have created some great relationships with sponsors and TV partners which has seen massive growth and awareness of ANDRA Pro Series Drag Racing.

“We now head into the next stage of our growth of ANDRA Pro Series and that is to take the foundations that have been laid and create an even better sporting product for our sponsors, fans, TV viewers and competitors. The Board of DRAG Ltd are extremely focused on making this happen and is one of the major reasons it’s vital we select the right sponsorship and marketing solution for this next stage.”

With an expanded calendar in 2011-12 and increased support from host broadcaster ONE HD, ANDRA Pro Series will continue to provide excellent value for money to its existing sponsor base and prospective sponsors looking for an effective ‘bang for buck’.

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