JSS Racing’s Steve Sarkis responds to IHRA statement

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JSS Racing team owner Steve Sarkis has released a statement in response to the team’s Pro Slammer being withdrawn from results by IHRA Australia after Sydney Dragway’s Santo’s Summer Thunder event.

The statement reads as follows:

“Our race data has and always will be available to every sanctioning body where we compete. It is worth noting IHRA had possession of our car for five days after the race meeting and have been advised by myself or my legal representatives on three separate occasions in writing they have access to the car to review race data, however IHRA have failed to avail themselves of each and every opportunity to review race data. The race data is still available to this day.

“The current Independent Safety Investigation into our accident cannot get any one of the 40 questions from my legal team and I regarding safety of race car drivers and the Sydney Dragway answered by either Sydney Dragway, their board members or IHRA.

“We look forward to the release of the Independent Safety Report of the accident and remain committed to working fearlessly toward making Sydney Dragway one of the safest tracks in the world. Safety will always be our first priority and should always come before everything else. We are prepared to assist all parties physically and financially to achieve the best possible safety outcomes. We will await the release of the Independent Safety Report before we make any further comment.”

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